Sumner Group has created value across a diverse portfolio of healthcare assets and focuses on the procurement of healthcare products and services for governments around the world.

Committed to creating tangible value, our team of industry experts has been collaborating for many years, doing what they know best - structuring investments fuelled by debt and equity, and bringing businesses to market. Over the years, the team has cultivated select partnerships in the international business arena, enabling Sumner Group to unlock investment opportunities from all over the world.

With a hand-picked, best-in-class advisor community combined with our trusted relationships, Sumner Group brings proven expertise to build businesses and deliver sustained value.

We build businesses from grass roots, attracting and empowering the best local talent and instilling international best practice standards. The approach is diverse and unconstrained by geography or sector -seeking early-stage proprietary opportunities from all over the world and introducing smart co-investment opportunities where necessary. This ever-growing international network positions the Group to make meaningful connections in the business and investment arenas. Injecting our fresh thinking and dynamic investment approach, Sumner Group is passionate about accelerating growth for our companies.

Operationally headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, we are focused on growing our geographic footprint and expanding our portfolio of businesses around the world.


Our vision is to build an expansive and well-diversified portfolio of group companies around the world, generating maximum value for all stakeholders.


Our mission is to apply a dynamic approach to building businesses. We inject fresh thinking, integrate new technologies and instil strong ethics into everything we do, combining funding and proactive involvement to accelerate growth and create value.


Sumner Group's investment philosophy is rooted in our core values of diligence, trust and integrity. Sumner Group is agile and discerning, combining a proven ability to enhance business operations and, where appropriate, provide hands-on leadership.