An Investment Committee has been established on behalf of Sumner Group Holdings to advise the company with respect to certain business matters and the formulation, oversight, and implementation of the company's investment strategy.


The investments team keeps the Investment Committee informed of:

  • all potential transactions;

  • industry sectors of interest to the company;

  • geographic locations in which the company intends to invest;

  • progress of transactions under management by the company; and

  • changes to any business plans and /or budgets with respect to any particular investment.


The investments team shall not cause the company to invest in, or dispose of, any transaction without first providing the following items to the Investment Committee:

  • A report for the particular transaction in sufficient detail so as to validate the value propositions and reasonably establish the parameters and drivers for which the transaction should be completed, in a form and substance reasonably acceptable to the Investment Committee;

  • A budget and use of proceeds for the particular transaction indicating instrument(s) being issued to the company and the potential requirement for any other capital partner to complete the particular transaction; and

  • A business plan in sufficient scope and substance reasonably acceptable to the Investment Committee.


Investment Committee Members


Jide Zeitlin (Chairman)

See Board

David Sumner

See Board


Investments and dispositions thereof by Sumner Group must be unanimously approved by the Investment Committee which will evaluate the merits of each transaction.