We leverage our network to source great ideas and early-stage proprietary opportunities with strong growth potential. We focus on developing strategy and best-in-class systems to fuel shareholder value through to liquidity events.

We actively invest

The Group has interests in a diverse portfolio of operating companies including mining, healthcare, security and defence.

We approach each investment opportunity differently, tailoring strategy depending on management, size and sector. We will consider debt, equity and other financial instruments to create the right risk-return structure while at the same time supporting sustained growth. We apply fresh thinking with a strong emphasis on retaining active involvement throughout the development of our portfolio. We welcome co-investment with partners whose values and investment interests align with ours.

We build businesses

Sumner Group identifies early-stage proprietary investment opportunities from all over the world.  Our strategic investment approach is unconstrained by geography or sector. We prefer to build businesses from grass roots, attracting and empowering the best local talent and instilling international best practice standards. We offer businesses investment capital, financial and strategic advice and, where appropriate, hands-on leadership and on-the-ground execution capabilities.

Sumner Group puts systems, people, technologies and methodologies in place to support an environment of operational excellence from the start, designed to unlock value.

We form world-class teams

Sumner Group has developed a rich and diverse international network. We form world-class teams and bring best-in-class partners, advisers and Board members to our portfolio companies.

Our distinctive way of operating and thinking differently can generate unexpected partnerships bringing unique benefits to our stakeholders.

We serve governments globally

Government procurement departments need private organisations such as ones within the Sumner Group portfolio of companies to facilitate and support certain transactions that governments cannot due to streamlined governmental resource. Sumner Group is an evergreen procurement organization for governments around the world. Sumner Group has three pillars of focus for this - healthcare, security & defence.

Sumner Group Holdings Limited is a private company registered in Jersey under the Companies (Jersey) Law 1991 with Company number 125839 and registered office address at 28 Esplanade, St Helier, Jersey, JE2 3QA.

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