Our portfolio comprises companies in various stages of maturity, from venture capital to those with shares publicly traded on a stock exchange. Our investments span a range of industry sectors, including mining, healthcare, defence & security.

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Sumner Group Health: An authorised PPE supplier to the Department of Health & Social Care and the NHS, with its own-branded SGH N95 respirator and SGH nitrile glove products. Also an international recruitment agency primarily focused on providing jobs for International nurses in the UK and the GCC, and also jobs for domestic helpers in Asia and the GCC.


Sumner Group Defence: An emerging supplier of procurement services for governments and military organisations around the world.

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Sumner Group Investments: Providing investment services to the Sumner Group. Responsible for all non-core investments in both quoted and private equity stocks held by the group. This includes holdings in Sumner Group Mining, Sumner Group Leisure and Fendix Technologies